Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hour of Code

There are so many awesome reasons to teach coding and the basics of computational thinking to students.

Here is what our team of teachers and 120 students did at our middle school.  We had them both code for an hour and then post a reflection in our FreshGrade student portfolios.

Here is our team!

Welcome to Hour of Code!

BIG IDEA - using computer to create rather than consume!
Watch: Computer Science is Changing Everything:

CREATE - your turn to code
Minecraft Adventurer -
Minecraft Designer - at the end save your design and share with others!

Make a new post in FreshGrade.  Include the following:

  1. Add a photo screenshot of your final code to show how many lines of code you created.
  2. Create a certificate for yourself and screen shot it with your name from:

  1. Post a comment with the following questions:
    1. Summarize what you learned by participating in an 'Hour of Code'
    2. Why do you think it is important for people to learn how to program a computer?
    3. What would you like to learn more about now that you have an introduction to coding?

  1. Optional - if you have social media (twitter, instagram…) send out a message with the hashtag #hourofcode 
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