Thursday, October 22, 2015

BC's New Curriculum - a plan for the middle years


As you might have heard, the BC Ministry of Education is in the process of revising the curriculum for all students from grades K-12.  As you can imagine this was a huge undertaking and not without its challenges.
Our local school context is that we have a middle school organized into teams.  Each team has students in grades 6 to 8.  Our goal was to find a way to spread the key concepts over three years and connect science and social studies along with the competencies which include personal and social, communication and thinking skills.

Key Features of Draft Plan

The plan that is shared below is designed to bring together the curricular and learning compentencies.  Teachers will be able to use this a one-page visual guide to assist with planning lessons.  The socials and science plans run in parallel to make is easier for teachers to plan integrated units, teach with themes and big ideas. You'll also notice that the rows below the 'concepts and content' incorporate our school community priorities.

BYOD and Technology Integration - we are a 'Bring Your Own Device' school and most (80%+) of our students have a digital device on a daily basis.  We have adopted two initiatives for this year: FreshGrade student portfolios and Microsoft Office 365 as our collaboration and communication space.

Environmental Connections - the school has an amazing natural setting surrounding the school so it is appropriate to find ways each year to integrate environmental science into the curriculum.  For example this year we will look at the science concepts around survival needs of organisms through the study and observation of our local ecosystem with includes several major, salmon bearing streams.

Sharing of a Draft Plan

Thanks to Barb Buczewski for kicking off this process being willing to share with other teachers.

Feel free to share the plan with others that would find it useful.

Science years ABC plan

Comments and Suggestions?

I fully accept that this draft is a work in progress and revisions are needed.  My hope is by sharing, others will do the same and together we can find ways to engage all our students!  Leave a comment below to join the conversation.