Monday, February 23, 2015

Improving How Your Children Use Technology for Education

Do you ever have conversations with your adolescent child about what they did at school and get little or no information?  It is possible that when you ask them about what they are doing with their personal technology at school you may get even less information.  This might be because children perceive adults of 'not knowing how to use technology'.  While it may be true that children are very capable at tasks like gaming and instant messaging, there are lots that we as adults can offer them.

One of the frameworks that is provided by the BC Ministry of Education is called the ICTI Performance Standards.  This stands for Information and Communication Technology Integration.
"The ICTI Performance Standards focus on four aspects of how students use information and communications technology to gather, organize, and present information and to analyse and interpret information. The emphasis is not on information sources or software applications associated with specific technologies but on the student’s representation of their learning and the steps they used to construct their knowledge."

Here are some questions to consider asking your son or daughter on their use of personal technology at school.  These examples fall under the heading of collecting information and resources.
  • How do you make decisions on how to select the best tool to use?  When is it better to find a print resource or digital resource?
  • How do you know if the information you have selected is accurate and appropriate for the lesson or task at school?
  • Can to work with other students to socially gather and construct information such as surveys or mind-maps?

Consider supporting your son or daughter to help identify their strengths in these performance standards and ways in which they can practice and improve their achievement. 

The ICTi Performance Standards website can be found:

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