Monday, April 8, 2013

Professional Learning via Twitter

This week I’ve been working with the Computer Using Educators of BC on a professional learning event called Twitter Week.

The event was a way to have educators across our province engaged in great dialogue.  In short, it has totally exceeded my expectations.  This event was free, didn’t have any release time, was fully online and self-paced.  Teachers are sure a committed bunch to carve precious time out of their day to meet (online) and discuss what they like best about education.

Using a moodle server here are the topics we discussed:

  • Our learning intentions; the reasons we wanted to participate
  • Writing a great tweet
  • Twitter in the classroom
  • Technology integration in the classroom
  • Two starts and a wish for the next event

Here are some of the aspects of the event that seemed to work well.

  1. It was organized by a volunteer organization which is a provincial specialist association as part of the BCTF.
  2. Our amazing leadership team led be president Mike Silverton where able to setup a server capable of hosting such an event.
  3. Email advertising works but it is the personal connections and word-of-mouth that get people registered.

Here is our poster

Would be interested in thoughts/comments. What great professional learning have you enjoyed recently?  What aspects made it a success?