Monday, January 21, 2013

QR codes in the Classroom

imageWondering what those square barcodes are on posters and advertisements?  They are called QR codes and just like items in a grocery store, they can be scanned.  You’ll need a smartphone and an internet connection to use them.


Why Use QR Codes?

Getting Started

The first time I used them with my grade 6 and 7 students I gave them no warnings or information how to use them. I simply put the QR code you see above on a math quiz.  All I asked them to do was put their cell phone on the desk before starting the quiz.  It was amazing to see how students worked together to figure out how to use them and then enthusiastically answer the math question!

1. Create a QR code that links to a website.  Here is a webpage that lets you create a QR Code.


2. Copy the code to a document and print it so the student can scan.

3. Students need a SmartPhone and an internet access.  They need a free app to scan the code.  I recommend using I-nigma which is FREE from the Android Play Store and Apple iTunes.  Laptop computers with a webcam can use this QR code reader.

Optional step - create a simple webpage that displays on a smart phone.  Here is a document that I’ve created that can be edited in Microsoft Word.  You can then save this document to your website and send student directly there from your QR code.

Possible Uses in Education

  1. High tech scavenger hunt.  QR code to an online map with items for students to find.
  2. Links to key websites – QR code for the homework board or links to ‘how-to’ videos on doing a math concept.
  3. Put them in books so that students go to a site to post book reviews.

Other resources:


How have you used QR codes in your classroom?