Sunday, December 16, 2012

Goodbye Apple, I’m leaving you

Well I can’t say we didn’t have good times.  You were my first (tablet). We traveled to 16 countries together.  Your 3G card was brilliant in Asia back in 2011 when every airport featured a local company happy to provide data to travellers.  But even during our beginnings, I didn’t understand why you had different apps for iPad and other devices.  Did you really need to charge me twice for ‘Plants and Zombies’?  Even after I invested in your proprietary 30 pin cables and music players with 30 pins, you went and changed to a new cable.  I really can’t start again will all new music players and cables in both cars.

I all ended last week when I found a willing new partner on Craigslist.  I traded my iPad Wifi+3G version 1 for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with 4G.  Like most of my interactions on Craigslist, both of us left happy.

Here is what you did to me over our 23 months together.  After only 23 months, you Apple decided not to allow me to upgrade my iOS to 6.  This leaves me on version 5 and now some of my favourite apps stopped working as they needed updating and I was no longer part of the club.

I want to have have all my bought apps run on all the devices in my home.  We are moving over to Android and it will be a long while before I consider coming back.

Not alone?

Looks like others have had the same concerns with Apple.  Since the release of iPhone 5 share price has dropped 24%.  This article on CNET has a few possible reasons. Here are my thoughts to make yourself relevant to others.

  1. Make more than one flavour of a phone.  Time to create a low-cost entry level phone that isn’t just the old 4s for sale.  Samsung seems to have this figured out with everything from the affordable ($200ish) Galaxy Ace II to the SIII superphone.  Even google has created a superphone for the sub-$400 price range with the Google Nexus 4.
  2. Dump iTunes.  With GooglePlay I can go to a website on any computer, buy an app and send it to download to all my phones and tablets with a few clicks.  iTunes is way too bloated.
  3. Put GPS and other core chips on all your devices like the iPod.  Those of us who enjoy the outdoors can then use Stava and other mapping apps.

Thoughts for Education

I’m still feeling that Apple is the best option for education and here’s why.  They overall ecosystem still has the best install base in North America.  This means that there are educators on my PLN using iDevices in classrooms with lessons and ideas on how to integrate.  Also app makers with educational apps still focus on apple devices.  Of course, this may change with time as education is a slow-turning ship.  Will have to reevaluate this over the coming months and years.


Mistake or not, the decision has been made.  What are other doing with their devices?