Monday, September 10, 2012

World’s Largest Science Experiment

Looking to engage your students in science.  Here is a very cool event being organized by the government of Canada to promote science education.  I’m part of the organizing committee and wanted to get this out to a many educators as possible.  Anyone in the world can participate!  I hope you take 30 minutes with your students to be part of this event!



I am pleased to send you the announcement we are now circulating to parties that may be interested in our World Record-setting event.

As you may already know, we at and our partners are organizing the World's Largest Practical Science Lesson at multiple locations. It is a world record-setting event that will take place for 30 minutes on Friday, October 12, at exactly the same time across Canada.


We are now looking for event organizers and participants to make this historic record as great as possible. Do you think that you or the members of your organization would be interested in promoting this event for young Canadians? Or perhaps you would like to join other science centres, schools and organizations across Canada in being part of this memorable and fun experience.

The event will follow a simple lesson plan about Bernoulli's Principle, and attendees will perform two very simple experiments based on it.

All participating organizations and schools will be recognized, and event certificates for awarding to all who participate will be available for downloading from

Please visit to find out more and register.  This record-setting event will also mark the beginning of the National Science and Technology Week, which will be held this year from October 12 to 21 with celebrations and fun events for all Canadians.

Please help us by sharing this e-mail with any individuals and organizations that you think may be interested in helping out with this fun and educational science event.

I look forward to your reply, and will welcome any suggestions you might want to make to ensure that this event is a success!

Best wishes,

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