Wednesday, April 25, 2012

PICMONKEY: photo editing made easy

imageTeachers looking for a safe, free, easy to use picture editor check out  Here are some of the features that make it so compelling for education.

  1. FREE – we are all on tight budgets, who doesn’t want something great for free?
  2. No account needed.  With school administration increasingly concerned about student privacy it is great to find a site that doesn’t require students to create an account to get started.
  3. Effects, stickers and text can be added to photos with ease.

Getting Started

  1. Take a photo on your camera.  Consider turning down the resolution to 5 megapixels or less to make the site run faster.
  2. Click ‘Edit your photo’ and upload the photo
  3. When you have all the text, effects done click save.

The downside of not having an account is that all edits need to be done before you close the browser as you can’t continue editing the photo the next day.


When teaching students about body images it is great to have them use the ‘touch up’ effects.  Students seem to know that most fashion magazines use photoshop to retouch photos to achieve our image of modern beauty.  The great think about picmonkey is that students can try to beautify, recolour, tan themselves with the privacy of their own computer.  Awesome!


Another effect not to miss is CLONE.  Simply designate part of the photo such as a face as the source and then paint a clone onto another part of the picture.

Overlays and Text

There are countless stickers and shapes that students can add to their photos.  Think of picmonkey as your personal scrapbook site!


Comparable websites

Still find that picmonkey doesn’t meet your classroom needs?  Here are some other sites to explore.

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