Monday, February 6, 2012

Digital Classrooms that Work

Hello to the attendees at the COTA Conference in Kelowna!

BIG IDEA for this session: create to learn

Please contribute to each of the activities below so that we have content to demonstrate how they could work in a classroom environment.Ed_Tech_purpose_graphic.JPG

Survey with Google Docs

Surveys can be quickly created to gather feedback from students.  They can also be created by students for math lessons.  Google docs make them easy to share and have a very graphical view of results.

  1. complete this survey
  2. view results – click on ‘Form’ show summary of responses to see the graphical results.
  3. Notes and explanation of how it was created.  Google docs can be collaborative even if students don’t have a google (gmail) account.

Blogging as a Class with Posterous

Posterous is a blogging site that allows you to simply post by sending an email.  The email can include picture attachments, office documents, sound clips or links to YouTube videos.  All file types will be converted to a format suitable for viewing on the internet.

  1. Be a guest blogger on my site by sending an email to  Test the site by including a photo, image, a link to a youtube video or a document.  Once the posts are approved by the teacher they will appear on the website.
  2. View the results at

Draw & Poster


Quizlet lets you make matching games.  Try this Internet Safety Quiz.

Engrade is an online gradebook that has built in portal technologies for students and parents to check in at home.  See more about Engrade.

Wiki document sharing

While google docs aren’t classified as a wiki they do have the amazing ability to allow live synchronous writing.  Try this online debate.

Voice discussion about pictures with VoiceThread

Voice comment on the following pictures or respond to what others have shared.  You’ll need to register for a voicethread account.  The VoiceThread is embedded below or you can view on the VoiceThread site.


Thanks for reading, participating and exploring the links.  Leave a comment below.  Share a link to your twitter account or post about which digital learning tools will you try with your students?

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