Thursday, January 5, 2012

Writing a Good Twitter Tweet

Twitter has been around for since 2006 and now boast 100’s of millions of users.  While many of the accounts are inactive, some people are prolific at posting their every thought and activity.  As an educator, there are definitely some features that I consider a good post.  Here is my list.

  • Be informative - share something you've found, a resource, educational video. Sending links via email is so '1990's'
  • Ask a question - an open ended question on a broad topic can get interesting responses from your followers.
  • Be topical - sending a tweet during a live event. Eg. #canucks during a game to share in the celebration will be read by those at the game and at home.
  • Add humour - everyone likes to lighten their day with a laugh.
  • Post an opinion tweet - a word of caution here but nothing gets responses like an interesting point-of-view. Consider adding a link to support your opinion.
  • Add personal thoughts – when sharing a link to someone’s blog post add a few words that ‘capture’ you that contributes to the message.  Idea from Gino.

What else is missing from this list? Send me a tweet @jmcconville1000

Thoughts? Comments? What do you like see in a good tweet?