Monday, October 24, 2011

What I Learned at CUEBC 2011 Conference

imageWhat an amazing, yet busy day at the recent CUEBC conference.  As a volunteer member of the executive, this is our largest event of the year.  We look forward to and dread the rush of the day.  So many conversations and so little time.

This year was overwhelmingly positive, well worth the effort.  How else can you be in a building with 400 like-minded educators learning, sharing and thinking.


  • Keynote David Warlick was outstanding.  Although I was in another part of the building during the keynote, the live webcast thanks to UpperSports made it possible to participate remotely.  Already there is an archive of the event!
  • Twitter continues to grow in terms of adoption and use.  When we first introduced twitter hashtags at a conference three years ago it was a small group who participated.  My estimate is there were 100+ educators active on twitter on Friday using the tag #CUEBC, enough that the tag become a trending topic on the live trendmap.
  • Great presenters – I managed to attend a few sessions and learned from other educators.
  • Sponsors have so much to offer! I know that other non-profit organizations hesitate when it comes to including sponsors but our decision on including them has always been that they offer something to our members.  Companies like Adobe provide teachers with tools that we use on a daily basis and bringing them to a conference allows our members time to ask questions and network.
  • Welcome to everyone who attended who are now members of CUEBC and also to our two new executive members!

Learning Links

Fabulous learning summary from CUEBC presenter Phil Macoun on his blog here.


If you were there or if you just followed the discussion on twitter post a comment on your insights.

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