Monday, December 20, 2010

A year of blogging

imageAs the year comes to an end it is great to look back over the past 12 months.  I’ve enjoyed blogging even more over the past year and have a few reflections.

More ideas than posts

There are innumerable great professional learning events that I attend each year.  I’m constantly inspired by learning teams, teachers and educational leaders.  The downside is that I never get enough time to blog.

Over the past year I’ve shared 25 blog posts which works out to my goal of two/month.

Making sense of statistics


An essential tool for anyone with a website is Google Analytics.  There are endless metrics for looking at the visitors to your site.  For example I know that there were 2000 Canadian visitors to my site followed by 1000 from the US.  Way down the list I welcome visitors from Iran, Malta, Morocco and Turkey!

Most viewed posts

Free software for teachers

SMARTNotebook software and SMARTBoard vs. Mimeo

Teacher gradebooks

I seem to have created a niche around product reviews and and free tools for teachers.


It is always great to get comments from readers.  Most comments on posts come from:

Delicious social bookmarking

Free software for teachers

SMARTBoard vs. Mimeo


Thoughts?  Would be great to hear from other bloggers.  What did you notice about visitors this year?

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