Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photo Editing with Picnik

imageOne of my favourite new tools for editing photos is  It is fully online so there no software to download and install.  It is also great for students to use as the picture is not stored on the site.  They can simply upload, edit and download back to their computer.

Themes, stickers and effects are seasonal which means every time you return to the site, there are effect for that season.  Right now it is Christmas but Halloween and Thanksgiving were on the site.

Check out all the features

Includes features such as filters that change the picture to black and white, blur, neon and more.

Select a font, type in the text and click add.

This includes graphics such as hats, beards, sport icons that you can add to the picture.

Mostly premium features that you have to buy…

Add effects that make a picture frame around the picture.

Effects to match the season, your students will always find something new here.

Output sample:

Took my boys, added: Christmas hats, beard, snowman sticker, frame with lights and some text.


Assessment of Student Presentations

Some ideas for evaluation criteria for student presentations (can apply to any digital creation).

Design – uses complex design. Pays attention to layout, colour of media elements.
Conventions – accurate use of vocabulary and conventions.
Impact – Clear and memorable impact on audience.
References – A comprehensive list of websites used for the information and pictures.

Instructional Ideas

Elementary – visual documentation of learning. Have student take photos of things the observe in the classroom or school grounds and add text to explain their learning.
Middle – create an autobiography
Secondary – Socials – create a historical event
Biology – label the parts in a dissection project with stickers and text.

Here is a pdf ‘How to Picnik‘ that you can share with teachers and students.

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