Friday, September 10, 2010

Using Technology in My Classroom

Every year more teachers get access to amazing technology that can support and enhance what they do in the classroom.  Teachers talk about how it can be daunting to first introduce something new into their practice.  So much of this hold true for technology which is constantly changing.

Advice to myself…

Here is some personal advice for getting started this year with educational technology.  I plan on trying to do as many of these as possible this year!

  1. Use what I’ve got.  There will always be a better device, SMARTBoard, faster laptop, projector, whatever.  Rather than waiting, use whatever I can get my hands on.  A laptop and projector is a great place to start.
  2. Good enough is good enough.  If I spend an hour preparing a Powerpoint for a lesson or find a few good YouTube clips to show there is always another few hours I could spend planning and preparing but the amount of energy that I spend relative to the value to students decreased once it is good enough.  Make some plans and go with it!  I might add that this holds true for this blog.  I’d like to share more and worry less about perfection :)
  3. Focus on what I want.  The internet is the most amazing and distracting environment that I explore each day.  I need to be more efficient, find what I want and get onto something else.
  4. Build on what I know.  I’m always learning new things about technology and want to figure out ways have them make sense in my teaching.  I realize that there are multiple points of entry with technology and I don’t need to know all the details to get started.
  5. Flip It.  Look for the positives.  When the technology didn’t work the way I wanted to, find the positives and build on that.
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I’m really looking forward to using technology with all the learners that I’m working with this year.  What else should I add to this list?

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