Friday, May 21, 2010

Websites for Elementary Teachers and Students

Here is a list of websites that teachers could use to explore in a classroom with students.  There is lots to look at and discuss on these sites.  Hook up your LCD projector, speakers and enjoy.


Human Body and Mind from the BBC


  • Flash based site that lets you place organs or muscles in the correct location.

Earth Explorers – Wildlife from the BBC


  • Stories and information about animals from around the world.

CyberSafety Videos from LearnNowBC


  • keep yourself and students safe on the internet.
  • facebook overview and more

Oxfam – mapping our world


  • nine different activities for students to explore our globe

Life Size Blue Whale


  • size works great on a SMARTBoard as you can use your hands to explore a blue whale

Panoramas – 3D views of cultural and geographical amazing places


  • view amazing locations from around the globe.

Newseum – Front Covers from Newspapers from around the world


  • Front covers of 1000’s of newspapers
  • Many different languages

Math Illuminations: Interactive math tools


  • Interactive math lessons like the Bobby Bear one in the picture above.
  • Search by grade or topic.



  • Must access from your local library.  Ex. I live in Port Moody so go to the Port Moody Public Library.
  • Books that are read aloud by the author.
  • Some animations and games

World Book


  • Access through your school website.
  • Can have text read aloud
  • Different views for different grade levels.

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