Monday, May 10, 2010

How to Start Blogging

I attended the most amazing conference last week called Northern Voice 2010.  Keynote by Bryan Alexander, here are visual notes. Bryan Alexander's Keynote by Rachel Smith.

The conference focused on personal blogging.  I’ll be sharing many of the ideas here over future blog posts.  The one big idea that I wanted to share today is how to get stated with blogging.  I’ve really enjoyed having a blog and realized that many others might be interested in the details on how to get started.

A few ‘easy’ steps:

  1. Choose a blog topic, find your voice.  What are you interested in? Take a look at the slideshow below from Monica Hamburg for some great ideas.
  2. Create a blog.  There are lots of free servers for blogs.  I’m happy with blogspot, might also consider edublogs or wordpress.
  3. Use a blog editing tool.  While it is possible to write the blog directly through the web, I use an amazing free tool called Windows Live Writer (featured in a previous blog post).
  4. Start writing – put up your first post, share the link below.

Finding Your Online Voice by Monica Hamburg

While I was sorry to miss this session.  The twitter feed from Monica’s session was amazing and help me find the link to her presentation.

credits – mind map of keynote by Rachel Smith

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