Monday, March 15, 2010

Perfect Student Computer 2010

CUEBC netbook blog photo[1] The Computer Using Educators of BC are at it again.  We are looking for recommendations for the perfect student computer.  As you recall from our previous posts, here is our criteria.

  • inexpensive – does more need to be said?  Well we are looking for a device that any and all students could and would afford to bring the internet into the classroom.
  • portable – should be small, light, nothing much heavier than a math textbook yet far more useful.
  • multimedia – needs a webcam, speakers and lots of storage for music and video.  Most netbooks have this space but need to check before we buy.
  • battery life – really we want something that can go a whole day in a classroom without needing a charge.
  • strong performance – should have a modern operating system, decent boot time to get right into use in the classroom.

Last year we purchased Acer Netbooks from Bestbuy.  While they had a few warranty issues that were all resolved, they weren’t the ‘perfect’ computers. The same as last year, we hope to get the computers in the hands of as many teachers and students as possible to see how they like them.  I’ll post thoughts and comments on this blog an in the CUEBC newsletter.

If you have suggestions or want to share a link to a great new computer you just purchased then drop a comment off below :)

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