Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Learning in a Digital Immersion Classroom

Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services LogoWhen I get asked about models for sustainable learning with computer technology, you don’t have to go any further than Riverside Secondary in our district.

While many would agree that technology infused learning can benefit students, funding computers is a challenge.  While most schools have computer labs, wireless computers in core subject areas is harder to achieve.  In Riverside’s Digital Immersion course, the students all have a wireless computer, many bring their own but some choose to use a school laptops.  The students work together as a cohort and get credit for English/Socials/Science and Digital Immersion. Throughout the course student have the double benefit of learning the required provincial learning outcomes while evaluating and selecting digital tools to best represent their learning.  The students also create digital backpacks or portfolios of their work.  Many of these are digital backpacks are shared on the school website.

It also seems that the media is picking up the story too.  Here is an article in the local Tri-City News (February 25, 2010), “Teenagers are already immersed in technology”.

Here is the video from CBC by Theresa Lalonde

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