Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Class Website – Extend the Learning

A classroom website can be a hub for sharing and gathering information.  I really like the graphic from Free Technology for Teachers.  Look at the key words: give, collect, display, links…

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Free Technology for Teachers

Getting Started

Your website can be all these things, just remember to be successful you’ll need to start small.  In my experience, teachers like to start by giving and posting information on the site.  On a website this might look like a list of links to great websites, homework and planner notes for the day and paragraph about personal philosophy ‘about me’.

Future Steps

Once a teacher has more experience the site can be enhanced to make it more interactive by collecting and engaging students.  This might be a wiki, student blog and hand in box.

Managing your Time

One of the most common concerns from teachers is the amount of time to manage a website.  Here is what others have found as key strategies for making the website management more efficient.

  • Have the students do the posting – at the end of each day with the notes that go into the student planners also need to go onto the website.  Have a student complete this task each day.
  • Use the classroom laptop/projector to do double duty.  If you are one of the fortunate teaches to have projection technology in the classroom, rather than writing the end of day notes on the board, type them directly onto the site.

Sample template

Our district provides sharepoint as a platform for teacher websites.  Here is a screenshot of the template.


Would be interested in hearing from teachers about the key things they have on their teacher website. 

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