Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SMARTNotebook Software: take it home teachers and students

Did you know that the SMARTNotebook software (currently version 10) can be installed on any school and home computer by staff and students?  I’ve confirmed this is a representative from SMARTTech and our district reseller that for every SMARTBoard that is purchased anywhere in the district, teachers and students can install on 1000 machines.  For our district, with a growing number of SMARTBoards, we have virtually unlimited installation capabilities.

Notebook 10 is amazing teacher presentation software that works really well for teachers with computers and a projector.  It does not need the SMARTBoard hardware to run the software and it runs on Windows and Mac.  There are hundreds of subject specific tools and templates that are included for FREE.

For some links on the use of SMARTBoards and the Notebook software visit Anita Strang’s amazing website and blog.  She is constantly adding new templates for teachers.  There is a great Christmas template she just posted!

More notebook files online.  Did you know that when doing a google search, you can add filetype:notebook to your search text to find SMARTNotebook files that other teachers have shared on their websites?  Give it a try!

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