Thursday, November 26, 2009

Painting and Drawing with students: Sumo Paint


There are a number of free online drawing programs available on the internet right now.  I’ve tried Aviary, Pixlr and Sumo PaintSumo Paint is a standout for me in terms of application in education K-12.  From the image above you’ll see an amazing tool set that it has available.  The most commonly install drawing program in schools right now is KidPix.  Part of what made kid pix so popular was the great stamp and brush tools.  This is where Sumo Paint is a standout in the crowd of free online painting program.

Look at the different brushes available.  Don’t forget that brushes can be used as stamps if the flow is set to 100%.

image image


Shapes are also amazing in the program.  Try adding shapes onto the canvas and then, while holding the mouse button, move the mouse up and down, left and right.  The shape will be transformed and resized as a preview before you have to release and create the shape.  Brilliant feature!


Below are pdf and word documents of the file that I shared with teachers in the workshop.  My thinking was that in the following eight steps, teachers would have enough skill to introduce the same skills to their students.  These are basic drawing skills in whatever program you have:

  1. Draw a shape
  2. Saving and sharing files
  3. Working with layers – this is a big one a most people don’t have experience in multi-layered programs like photoshop.
  4. Brushes
  5. Text
  6. Importing pictures
  7. Effects (or filters)
  8. Saving (again!)

I’d be curious to hear what curriculum integration and assessment ideas that people have to an online painting program like Sumo Paint.


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