Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Screen shot 2009-10-05 at 9.24.16 PMI was looking for ways of using technology that couldn’t be done without the technology.  Way to provide a real audience for my students. There are certain things that I struggle to do in the walls of my classroom.  I hope to develop an appreciation of my student’s writing

-Jen Whiffin

I was at an inspiring session with master teacher Jen Whiffin yesterday and had to post the information to my blog.  Here students are thinking, writing and reflecting on Social Responsibility and their global role and responsibility as citizens.  This is the broad umbrella of social responsibility including environmental responsibility…etc

Why it is so imperative that we let other educators know about this is that Jen is looking for an audience for her students.  As you can imagine, students are thrilled to have comments on their posts.  Take some time to read their writing and leave them a comment with your thoughts and perhaps a personal connection.

Her class is also looking for other students to join their community of of writers.  They will accept a story, a poem or even a drawing like the one above with a description.  Send your submissions to futurehopenow@gmail.com

photo by 9 year old –Grace

Interested in your comments or thoughts about blogging with students.