Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blog Birthday – great to be one year old!

image Well today is the one year anniversary for my blog.  For those of you still thinking if you have enough time/motivation/content for a blog, I can tell you that it has been well worth it.

Reasons to have a blog!

  1. Time.  While it does take time to write the blog, find pictures (what is a post without something to look at) and create the links it has been well worth the time. I’ve been a very modest blogger with just 27 posts in the past year.  My goal has always to just find about two topics a month to share.  In some ways it has been a time saver.  Some of the emails that I get about things like FREE software, can be responded to with a simple link the post.
  2. Motivation.  It is great to have a consistent (albeit modest) daily hit count for my blog.  In the past year there have been readers from 43 countries.  Welcome to all, leave a comment and a link to your blog!
  3. Content.  One of my beliefs is that we all have something to share.  To others, we are always an expert on something.  As an avid reader of 30 or so educational blogs and 100’s of news RSS feeds, I wanted to contribute after years of reading (and lurking).

If you don’t have a website hit tracker I highly recommend Google Analytics. Here are the stats from my blog.

Most viewed posts:

  1. The Perfect Student Computer (November 2008)
  2. The Perfect Student Computer (December 2008)
  3. Free student and teacher software (December 2008)
  4. What students have to say (January 2009)

Most commented posts:

  1. Free student and teacher software
  2. Blood donation
  3. Twitter – two words

Map of visitors from 43 countries courtesy of Google Analytics.



Thanks again for reading, if you are still sitting on the fence then time to get moving, sign up for a blog and start writing!

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