Friday, January 23, 2009

Delicious: Sharing Links to Great Sites

If you haven't yet created a delicious account then this post is for you.  Here is a brief list of reasons why you need a Delicious account.
  • links can be shared across any number of computers
  • others can subscribe to your updates an join your network to see links and vice-versa.  Once you add others to your network it is quick and easy to save their bookmarks to your delicious account
  • tagging links is far better than putting them in a folder as each item can have multiple tags allowing you to find the site in multiple ways.
  • it is a great environment to collaborate with students as you can create custom tags (eg. McConville-block-A) which then allows that list of links to be viewed from all users.
  • here is the official word from delicious about how the tool works.
Getting started:
  1. Go ahead to and create yourself an account.
  2. Install the browser buttons, these make it very quick and simple to save a site to delicous when you are surfing and want to save a site.  The new plugin for Internet Explorer is amazing, it syncs your links across multiple computers and stores them offline.  In Firefox, install the delicious extension.
Over time
  • Your tags will sort themselves into group of the tags that you use most often.  You can view this as a cloud in which the most common words are in the largest font site.  Not only does it look cool, it represents the tags you feel are most important.
Going beyond the basics
Here are few things to try once you have some sites saved and your Delicious cloud is starting to form:
  • Post your link cloud on a website or blog.  My cloud is posted on this blog.
  • If you are a long-time delicious user like me (since March 2006) you need a tool to look for dead links.  Check out this tool I just found called freshdelicious.  The tool just helped me find and remove about 20 dead links.
I look forward to hearing from others on how you use delicious.  Be sure to post your delicious account address in your comments!

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