Friday, January 30, 2009

Blood Donation #40

I recently made a trip to my local blood donor clinic.  Blood donation is one of the community 'volunteer' activities that I make a priority in my personal time.  This last visit was a personal milestone in that it was my 40th donation.  With that in mind, I'm setting a personal goal for myself.  I would like to have 50 donations before I turn 40.  This will be tough as the rules only allow someone to donate every 56 days and if some family event forces me to miss my donation day then I get off-track at my local clinic.  Anyways, I'll be doing my best to attend each of the upcoming sessions.

Here are some great reasons to give blood
  • Obviously, it helps someone in need of blood through injury, operation...etc.  When I'm donating I always think of the kids at Children's Hospital.  Those children need the blood way more than me.
  • the process is quite quick.  Canadian Blood Services has done all they can to streamline the process with appointments etc.  This last donation was under 45 minutes.
  • according to this site it reduces free radicals due to too much iron.  Might be a health myth but 'I found it in google' :)
  • There are free cookies and juice when you are done AND they give cookies to my kids.
  • It is like dieting as your body has to make new blood.  This is definitely not scientific and probably nilled due to the cookies above.  Anyone know how many calories are donated in a pint?
I hope to get support from my blog readers in helping me achieve this goal.  I'll also post updates on this blog.  Anyone else want to join me and set a goal?

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