Monday, November 10, 2008

Teacher Gradebooks

I regularily get asked by teachers and schools for advice on a good, easy to use gradebook for their classes.

In our district there are a number of options in use at various schools.  The most common at the secondary schools is called InteGrade Pro, a product from Pearson.  One of the complains about this product is the very high price for what is essentially a customized spreadsheet.  EasyGrade Pro is another product that is reasonably prices yet is quite limited in functionality.

A third product is rapidly gaining as the preferred option for our teachers.  It is called Engrade. There are a number of advantages of Engrade.  Not only does it work as a good gradebook, it is fully only so there is no saving files and transfering them home and back to school.  In additions, it has the ability to create a student login where they can see only their own marks rather than the spreadsheet for the whole class.  One caution with Engrade is that the website has been down and unavailable on occasion.  There is an option to export your entire gradebook as an excel file, it is always an excellent idea to create a backup of your work!

Feel free to pass the document along to other eductors.  Let me know if there are other products that you use.

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