Friday, September 26, 2008

Participation on the Internet

the web changes everything

I've been a mild enthusiast in following the US election for a few reasons.  I'm an avid traveler to the US, visit whenever and wherever I can.  I also follow the election as US policies have an effect on Canadians in many regards.

What I'm viewing right now is an election site on Twitter.  If you haven't seen twitter, it is a 'mini-blog' site that people post continual updates to the question "What are you doing?".  My posting are here:  These updates are called 'tweats' in Twitter language.  I've found it a great way to follow other educational technology leaders across Canada and the US.  Many of the people I'm following also have blogs where they post more indepth articles but twitter is where they share valuable information, links and thoughts on current issues.

Twitter also hosts tweats on specific topics like the one going on right now at:  About every second someone is posting their personal viewpoint in the form of a tweat.  The hot-topic at this time is the Obama, McCain debate that is supposed to run today as it is now in question since McCain pulled out due to the banking meltdown.  What I'm most impressed by is the shear number of people posting their views for others, like me, to read.

How the web changes everything.  Not that I agree with many of the tweats, it is just that they are voices from all across America that I wouldn't have heard from if it wasn't for this amazing technology.
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